Kingdom Leadership Package

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Are you hungry for the supernatural? Do you have a desire to learn more about God, and move in the power of the Spirit? If your answer is yes, this life-changing module is for you! The School of Kingdom Leadership is our leadership training module, which is made up of five of the most powerful teachings on Leadership, and Kingdom Realities. In this powerful, revelatory package, get ready to learn:

  • How to live and access Eden again.
  • Keys to walking in your Dominion.
  • The power of your imagination,
  • How to use your thoughts, to shape your future.
  • How to redesign your life.
  • Reigning in life as a king.
  • The connection between your renewed mind and the supernatural.
  • The power of the Gospel.
  • The power of servant leadership.
  • Paying the price for leadership.
  • Why we need Godly leaders.
  • Keys to becoming a problem solver.
  • Leaders vs managers.
  • The psychology of wealth.
  • The aointing for wealth.
  • How to overcome the spirit of fear.
  • Kingdom keys to heal the sick,
  • And much, much more!