The Power of Your Imagination


10 Lessons



A person’s life is a product of their thoughts and words. You will never rise higher than how you think, and speak. The Bible says that as a man thinks in his heart, so is he. Your thoughts can either make you, or break you, and bring you into liberty or bondage. You will never fully enjoy the kind of success that God has for you, until you understand the power of your thoughts and words. They are the guiding force of your life, and will always lead you into freedom or bondage. A person who sees and speaks in line with the Word of God cannot be stopped. In this ground breaking, revelatory teaching, Apostle Weekes shares over 10 hours of practical teaching, that will change your life. As you launch into this class, you will learn the principles of success, that have transformed thousands of people all over the world. So get ready to learn how to redesign, and live the kind of life you desire.